Saturday, July 12, 2008

Death of the Foam...

Hey everyone.
Just an update on the construction of the foam based Daft Punk helmet. As the title suggests, the foam construction idea was an idealistic design that failed. (as many of you predicted it would...)

Here's a brief summery of why. First off, the sanding of the foam was more of a hassle than a time saver. I originally thought that it would be easy to construct the helmet this way because I could just use the sander to cut out the exact shape I wanted. Doing it however proved to be a very frustrating and time consuming process. I would spend a few hours sanding the foam to the correct shape, only to realize that it was still too large, then the whole scaling process would start over again.

Eventually, the foam got so thin that it would either start to crack or punch through. (not good) So I think that the idea of making a Daft Punk helmet out of foam was never meant to happen. (Except for the Daft Punk costume girls... no comment)

I have started making a helmet in a new way, building it up from a baseball helmet base. I am about 79% done with the construction of that and I hope to have it done soon. IF it is a success I will make another one and do a full step by step tutorial on how to make your own. So far I am finding the new process a lot easier. You also get a lot more out of the time you put into it. I hope to have the helmet done within a few weeks and I'll report how the final product turned out. Just so you know, the current helmet that I am making will be fitted with glowing el wire to replicate Daft Punk's encore outfits of their ALIVE 2007 world tour. The next one that I make will be a normal performance version with the silver finish. (I may or may not put it up for sale when I complete the tutorials)

Check back for more updates that are to be coming soon!

PEACE & Beats


Anonymous said...

Awesome man! I cant wait to see your new concept. Im hoping to make my own helmet but im not sure where to start so i've just been seeing how your doing. Keep on keepin on man, im countin on you :P

Evan said...

I watched your sanding video, and I think that method has potential. Having seen what I saw and now hearing the problems you've faced, let me suggest something and you can respond with why you're not trying it:

Make a scale drawing of your helmet design from the left, right, top, bottom and back. Decide beforehand what it's proportions will be and then make them out of foam. Don't make a hole for your head though. Next, cut the foam in half down the center and use the two pieces as a mold for two shell halves, which you can then join together. I do not know the best material to use for the shell, it depends what kind of strength you are looking for. Fiberglass, plastic, and ceramic would all be a possible shell material. There are machines that will make a plastic shell around an object by sucking the air out of the space between a melted sheet and the object, like the packaging for kids toys- it's clear and not very strong. The advantage to this method is you can make as many as you want to with your original mold. You would have to make some kind of inner structure to give it strenght and to place it comfortably on the head. Anyway, something for you to think about. I'm sure eventually all of your heard work will pay off.

James said...

Good luck dude :)